Excel Sales Dashboards : Top 3 Designs

Posted by sebastian.zang on October 8, 2012

There are many dashboard templates available on the internet and we’ve gone through most of them to give you the “Top 3 Dashboards Designs” that we thing would be useful.
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Ensuring quality of Excel calculations with correct formatting

Posted by sebastian.zang on July 31, 2012

Today’s IT landscapes are characterized by heterogeneous databases, quite a challenge for managing data quality. Quality checks must thus be a routine. One important method: Duplicate removal. Here’s how to get duplicate removal right in Excel.
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Cash Flow in MS Excel – Make it always work!

Posted by sebastian.zang on October 18, 2012

Cash Flow forms one of the most important key data in any company control. Rarely does the Cash Flow work completely during the first derivation with the help of the indirect method. Clearing these differences can be time intensive. Here is a procedure in MS Excel, with which your Cash Flow will always work. Always!
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Enhance user comfort in Excel with in-cell drop-down lists

Posted by sebastian.zang on August 29, 2012

It’s about user comfort and data quality: Using in-cell drop down lists prevents wrong manual data entry and enhances substantially usability of entry masks or reportings. Here’s a quick guide on how to implement this!
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Financial Models in MS Excel – Loan Calculation

Posted by sebastian.zang on October 18, 2012

Financial Models are becoming an important control instrument in an ever volatile world. Thereby the topic financing is gaining a special significance. We share Tips & Tricks for the flexible modeling of loan in a Financial Model with MS Excel.
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